Julie Myers

To Travel Somewhere

To Travel Somewhere was made as a result of an artists placement at Adobe/Macromedia in San Francisco.

The aim of this project is to explore ways in which mobile technology intersects with social experience.

It is a walking project in which I attempt to experience a place through the memories of other people.

I begin my journeys by asking people on the street to direct me to their favourite place. I followed their instruction, capturing the route in image, text and video on my mobile phone. Later this material is transferred to the project web site and given Global Positioning System coordinate to locate it on a world map.

Treading in the footsteps of strangers, sometimes diverted by my own whim, often lost, I scrutinize the texture, colour and sounds of the streets. Documenting what we judge to be important markers in the landscape of our daily lives to create an alternative portrait of each city, a personalised map.

This project is part the Arts Council of England’s Interact Programme Supported by The Junction in Cambridge, UK, Montalvo Arts Centre In Saratoga, California and Adobe in San Francisco, California.

It was presented as a work in progress at the enter –unknown territories Festival in Cambridge on 26th–29th April 07 and exhibited at the Taidehalli Helsinki from 2.2.08 – 30.3.08

Technical development by Dorian Moore.

Arts Council England The Junction Montalvo Arts Center