Julie Myers

Voices In The Forest

Banff New Media Institute, Canada
April – July 2009

Voices In The Forest Voices In The Forest 2

Locative Media Walk - approx 1 hour

‘Voices In The Forest’ is a locative media walk that invites the audience to experience a child’s view of the forest. The stories were collected and scripted with help from the kindergarten pupils at Banff Elementary School. The work is concerned with these children’s particular understanding of their surrounding landscape. They know where bears might feed in winter, which elk to keep away from and how wolves move from place to place. The stories they tell are of imaginary worlds interwoven with real events and local information.

The project was created during a residency at The Banff New Media Institute and launched at the Banff Summer Festival 2009.

With thanks to the staff and peer advisors at the BNMI, the children and staff at Banff Elementary School and a special thanks to Lydia Rose (aged 6).

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